TikTok Features New Guess Campaign Online

TikTok Features New Guess Campaign Online 1

With the relaunch of the musical app TikTok, and after the variations of issues the app came across lately, whether good or bad ones, TikTok made it clear that despite the strong challenges its platform faces from other prestigious apps that may not be originally related to music, its renewed platform is spreading its influence to new territories that include, for instance, fashion and beauty.

Recently, the popular clothing brand, Guess – notable for its youngsters and teenagers fashions – partnered with TikTok in a new campaign labelled as #InMyDenim that is targeted towards the TikTok young influencers who are always interested in sharing their daily styles and fashion criterion.

Once the users open TikTok, they’re directed towards the Guess hashtag – #InMyDenim – that prompts them to share their Guess denim experience by posting a short video using the hashtag. Guess is, of course, promoting the latest partnership with TikTok via the assistance of some popular users on the platform who will help spread the campaign to their followers by sharing a variety of videos flaunting their Guess denim experiences.

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By partnering with an international fashion brand such as Guess, TikTok carefully carries out its plans to reach out to a different variety of international and domestic customers. And as the collaboration with fashion isn’t something new at all in the world of social media, let’s hope TikTok brings something new to the 2018 Guess campaign!

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