Visual and Auditory Attraction on Tik Tok App

Visual and Auditory Attraction on Tik Tok App 1

Yet, specialization appears to be working well for Tik Tok since it’s primarily secluded for only music-related features. Upon using the music app, the recent trends of music clips start to pop up and thus alerting the user of the newest top recommendations which consequently motivate him to participate as well.

The criteria of Tik Tok is pretty simple and it depends on visual and auditory attraction; the user automatically gets to watch the top music videos at the moment, and upon finish another video starts and so on. This continuous cycle of stimulation creates an environment of excitement that leads to some sort of addiction to the Tik Tok app.

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It’s crystal clear that Tik Tok is a platform that suits the generation of today, its creation is the result of the perpetual interaction between humans and social media; however, it would be great if the brand new musical app paid attention to the trends, lifestyles, and habits transferred through its platform.

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Visual and Auditory Attraction on Tik Tok App 2

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