TikTok Adds New Reaction Feature

TikTok Adds New Reaction Feature 1

Since its very recent relaunch, TikTok has taken over the social media by storm as the musical platform garnered many more users than before, especially from the teenagers and young people who find in the newly represented platform both of the two worlds they’re searching for: music and socializing. And despite the very good or very bad reviews that TikTok generated upon its re-launch, the musical app is planning to expand more by releasing some interesting features that may appeal to a broader type of users. And with its current 500 million active users per day, it’s expected that TikTok is going to definitely reach out to more people. However, amongst the features that TikTok is releasing is the brand new one of reacting to any video on the platform.


The new reaction feature allows the user to, initially, post his reaction to the video he’s watching in the form of a comment. The new feature is labeled as “React” in the TikTok platform and it’s placed under the sharing button. The functionality of the reacting feature is pretty simple; once the user decides to react to a particular video clip, all he has to do is to click the “React” button and then the device’s camera opens, thus allowing the user to record his reaction video immediately. After recording the reaction, the clip gets saved and pinned to the original video the user was watching. TikTok developers are, obviously, aiming at providing the large number of users with a huge variety of features that make the musical platform more interesting, appealing and complete. Of course, the reaction videos aren’t a brand new trend; reactions to various viral videos are popular in other social media platforms – such as YouTube – and the popularity of the feature made it even more likely to join the TikTok platform sooner than later.

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Apparently, TikTok is working on two different issues: the first is making sure that the musical app is only going up by releasing a new feature every now and then that is aimed to satisfy the users and also in an attempt to enrich the newly represented music-based platform; and the second issue revolves around the strong demands by multiple parties to add some serious guidance and control over the content of TikTok. Nevertheless, TikTok promised that a parental control system is going to make it to the platform very soon. In addition, developers of the notorious musical app stated that the “Reaction” feature is indeed the first of many features to come – such as green screen shots, virtual reality features and gesture filters – which are planned to be released in the upcoming months.

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